Solan de Cabras

Bebidas con Sabor

Bebidas con Sabor is a project made to introduce the new line of products of Solan de Cabras to their social community. It was published on Instagram Stories and adapted to Facebook and YouTube. It consists on a frame-by-frame animation based on a Havas Spain script.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s giving away a million pizza slices in Spain! Literally, So we’d to get into it and this was the result. In collaboration with the creative team of Havas Spain.


A series of animated presentations for Diferentemente Iguales, a project led by Cooperación Iberoamericana, involving in this matter to more than 14 Iberoamerican countries.


Social Media requires sometimes very tight schedules, so we have to challenge our creativity by delivering always the best work. We can say that the worldwide hotel chain Iberostar do trust FLAT26 to make the most of their Social Media projects.


Our photography inspires a young audience, with a completely new and exclusive image. Pictures that embody the spirit, reflect and attitude to life. They transmit the soul of the photographed person. Each one reveals a world, a personality, a lifestyle, sometimes unknown. Images and videos with the brand DNA, its values, philosophy, and style…


When is all about beer and food we are all in! In this case, we were in charge of animating the graphics on this series of ‘how-to-make’ for Mahou.

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