Qisetna trusted FLAT26 to be in charge of the redesign of their imagery and website. Qisetna should be a place where you can feel secure and welcome, where you can stop by to read inspiring stories or share literature created by yourself.

We wanted to give Qisetna a more up-to-date look since they were getting a lot of attention in the community by winning awards such as ‘Community Archive’ and ‘Heritage Group of the Year 2017’.

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A hair salon that uses the most powerful mineral deserves a brand identity that keeps up with the high quality of its services.

As it could not have been otherwise, the Shungit becomes the brand concept, its strength and spirit. It is the key element of the corporate image and of the services offered.

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Casa Decor 2016 

Nosotros entendemos esta exposición de interiorismo y decoración como un lugar en el que se crea un ambiente especial gracias a la unión de las distintas disciplinas del diseño. – El hecho de que se rehabilite un edificio en Madrid para esta feria nos transmite una idea de construcción a tiempo acelerado, donde se reúne todo tipo de elementos de diseño y decoración para crear distintas habitaciones en un lugar en el que no había nada.

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Brand applications


One of the stages when planning a branding is to think in real life, how the brand is going to interact with their people, whether they are customers or not. Thinking real entails design with good taste and knowledge. This is how we work. We take branding seriously.

Offline Marketing

Every active brand always needs a series of elements following corporative guidelines. FLAT26 offers a quality service for Marketing production. From basic flyers to big ad billboards.


When it is time to show your products, you must do it seriously. We put ourselves in every single detail, always following the production standards, without forgetting to have fun.

Logo Animation!

Have fun as much as we did working on these logo animations! Ask for your own!

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