When Patricia contacted us, we thought her business was a traditional hairdresser, looking for new younger clients. Asking and listening to her story, values, goals, and philosophy, we discovered the Shungit, the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the business.


The research we did about Shungit, competitors and Patricia’s references, allowed us a total understanding of the business and an absolute involvement. The objective, give Patrizia’s identity a 180º turnaround.


As it could not have been otherwise, the Shungit becomes the brand concept, its strength, and spirit. It is the key element of the corporate image and of the services offered.


Our logo is approachable, clear and makes easy the brand identification. The contrast between black and white, straight and curved lines, contribute to immediate brand recognition. It communicates professionalism and elegance, happiness, fantasy, youth, activity, and energy.


A circular isotype, which represents the gems. Three curved lines that denote the services offered by Patrizia: gem therapy, hairdressing, and aesthetics.
A powerful, elegant and simple symbol which brings together an exclusive and easy-to-remember design.


A young and energetic font that represents vitality, elegance, and professionalism, based on the contrast of straight lines and curves. Combined with a sans serif font that enables readers to focus and immerse themselves in the content of the text. The result, a brilliant typographic combination.


A fixed colour palette, dominated by white and black. The images provide the touch of colour.
A business of big contrasts.


Our photography inspires a young audience, with a completely new and exclusive image.
Pictures that embody the spirit, reflect and attitude to life. They transmit the soul of the photographed person. Each one reveals a world, a personality, a lifestyle, sometimes unknown.
Images and videos with the brand DNA, its values, philosophy, and style…


A professional website, elegant, visual and dynamic. It shows dedication, efficiency, quality, and the magic of the services offered by Patrizia.
A window to the inner life of the company, which allows users to understand its history, learning something new, discover new people…
A window to the soul and energy of Patrizia.

“FLAT26 is an extraordinary team with a great human quality. Their professionalism and empathy with the customer make every project easier. Working with them means certainly a success. It is always a pleasure to work with them.”

Patrícia Rodríguez Juarez


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