Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain based in 4 and 5-star hotels, owned by Iberostar Group. Its presence in the travel industry dates back to 1930, when it was founded in Spain under the name “Viajes Iberia.”. There are more than 120 Iberostar hotels worldwide located in the continents of Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa.

In 2018, Iberostar presents the company’s new strategic plan that includes new portfolio segmentation and a new visual and verbal identity; Let it shine.

Our challenge

Iberostar approached us to see if we could provide them with a new aesthetic that could fit their new visual identity for all of their communication channels. Our challenge was to unify all of the brand hotels look through social media, but keeping their own personalities


Our approach

We wanted to share the idea of freedom, elegance and simplicity while keeping in mind their new verbal identity: Let it shine. And anything contrasts more and makes something pop (shine) than white. That is why we decided to use it as their trademark.

White spaces make something breath, it is an elegant colour and helps us focus on what they want to show, not overloading and keeping it simple.

But this was just the beginning. We unified all the photos with a new filter and we established a series of publications they could use to walk away of the competence, such us cinemagraphs, text animations with smooth photo transitions and simple layouts playing with squares and transparencies which resulted in a new visual aesthetic that is kept through all of their social media channels.



We designed an Instagram feed for each hotel, making all of them look like a unit but differentiating from each other.



These are the main type of stories, the most simple but effective. We try to always keep in mind that simple is better, using a lot of white space and setting the mood of what we sell.


We decided to create this kind of publication to inspire the viewer by animating a part of the image to inspire the mood of the publication and differentiate from competence.


Playing with simple text and photo animations, entertains and makes the viewer be more interested.


From FLAT26 we designed some highlights for Instagram in which we had to follow the rules of the new corporate identity.

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