Qisetna is a project founded by Juan delGado, Dima Mekdad and Julia Rampen, that promotes Syrian culture by keeping alive the tradition of storytelling through a web platform where people connected to Syria are invited to share their stories about culture, arts, food and place, in a non-political environment.

Qisetna trusted FLAT26 to be in charge of the redesign of their imagery and website. Qisetna should be a place where you can feel secure and welcome, where you can stop by to read inspiring stories or share literature you create yourself.



(2018 Work in Progress)

We wanted to give Qisetna a more up-to-date look since they were getting a lot of attention in the community by winning awards such as ‘Community Archive’ and ‘Heritage Group of the Year 2017’. Qisetna was in need of an image that showed the spirit of the project and the work and illusion behind it.


Jaime Cofrade: He is an illustrator and a designer. Check his amazing work!

Álvaro Gómez: A graphic designer and a collage lover, you will enjoy his site.


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